Our Story

What happened...

The Meetings were a result of the Stay-at-Home Order that was put in to place due to the COVID-19 Pandemic which¬† started in March of 2020. The New Beginnings Group’s Location was Temporary Closed and Virtual Meetings were the only option to keep us from Disconnecting.

One Member had experience in conducting Business Meetings this way and was able to Host an AA Meeting Everyday at 8am and 8pm. 

What it was like...

The first few meetings were rough, since this technology was new to most in the Quad Cities Area. Low attendance, technical issues, “it’s just not the same,” and just a general uncomfortableness.

With no other choice, the Virtual Meetings began to grow and stabilize. We have to give it away, so it was finally accepted that this will have to do.

What it's like now...

Meetings are well attended, technical issues can be worked out and most importantly, a certain comfort has been achieved. Now when someone new joins, they can be welcomed, sharing of what it was like, whether it be new to AA or just new to Virtual Meetings.

Finally, the New Virtual Fellowship consisted of more than just the members of New Beginnings. Thus, 8n8AA emerged and will continue carry the message on a Virtual Platform.